Encroachment & Transportation Permits

Encroachment  Permit

An Encroachment Permit (PDF) is generally required for any construction within the public right-of-way, includes; but is not limited to:

  • Connection of a new, underground gas or water service
  • Replacement or repair of sidewalk
  • Widening of a driveway
  • Trenching in the street for a utility repair (i.e. sewer later repair)
  • Repairing or replacing a storm drain pipe through the curb
  • Traffic Control for all work affecting public streets
  • Storage containers (POD) - Collection Dumpsters
  • Public streets should not be used for the temporary storage of construction or landscaping materials, such as stacks of lumber, piles of sand or landscape boulders. 

Encroachment Permit Checklist

Liability and Insurance Requirement & Checklist

Moratorium Streets

Please check this Moratorium List to see if there is a current moratorium for cutting or trending into the paved portion of the street.

A deposit may be required to cover the cost of repair of damaged paving as a result of the encroachment.

Transportation Permit

A transportation permit is required for vehicles or loads that exceed the maximum allowable by the California Vehicle Code (CVC) dimensions (width, length, height, and overhand). The purpose of issuing the permit is to ensure that appropriate routes are used and to keep track of large vehicles which may damage Town roads.

2023/24 Master Fee Schedule

Fiscal-Year 2023/2024 Master Fee Schedule Effective 07-23-2023