Bollinger Canyon Rezoning

Bollinger Canyon Study Area
Bollinger Canyon Zoning

Town Council approved the ordinance to create a Rural Residential District with 1 dwelling unit per 5 acres (1/5DUA). The rezoning adopts General Plan designations and zoning regulations that will govern future projects. The area is comprised of 20 parcels and is grouped into 3 separate groups; Parcel Group 1 is mostly existing homes with 1 DUA, Parcel Group 2 is the Harvey Ranch dedicated to open space, and Parcel Group 3 is 270 acres proposed as Rural Residential.

Past Meetings:

May 10, 2023 Town Council Staff Report (PDF)

April 26, 2023 Town Council Staff Report (PDF)

April 26, 2023 PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

April 11, 2023 Planning Commission Staff Report (PDF)

April 11, 2023 PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

May 25, 2022 Staff Report (PDF)

May 25, 2022 PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, the Bollinger Canyon General Plan Amendments and Zoning options were presented to the Town Council during the Town Council meeting. View a copy of the staff report and White Paper as well as the PowerPoint Presentation below.

On Tuesday, January 25, 2022 the Town hosted a Bollinger Canyon Community Meeting via Zoom to obtain early input and feedback from residents on re-zoning options for the Bollinger Canyon area which is currently designated a "Study Area."  Zoning determines, among other things, what type and amount of development can be allowed on a parcel.  This project is a Town Council goal and a part of the Comprehensive Advanced Planning Initiative to update the Housing Element, complete an Environmental Impact Report, and Rezone including the Bollinger Canyon Special Study Area.  View the PowerPoint Presentation below.