Town Manager


The Town Manager is the Town’s chief executive and the key staff advisor to the Town Council.

The Town Manager is responsible for implementing the policies of the Town Council and enforcing all municipal laws and regulations for the benefit of the community. The Town Manager oversees the daily management of municipal operations, including:

  • Direction and supervision of the Town’s departments
  • Management of facilities
  • Planning and implementation of key projects
  • Preparation and administration of the annual budget

Town Manager Recruitment

On October 4, 2022, Cynthia Battenberg gave written notice of her plans to retire from full-time city management at the end of the year.  Her resignation letter can be found here.

Bob Murray & Associates is assisting the Town with the current Town Manager recruitment.  To learn more about this exciting opportunity, please click here: survey 2

Moraga residents are encouraged to participate in a brief survey to assist the Town Council in the recruitment process. Town Manager Recruitment Community Survey