Town Clerk

The Town Clerk is the public’s liaison with the Town Council and the primary source for public information in the Town of Moraga.


The Town Clerk’s office is responsible for a number of legislative and administrative functions such as:

  • Certifying and distributing ordinances and resolutions as appropriate and legally required
  • Conducting follow-up activities related to the agenda process such as processing agreements and recording official documents
  • Coordinating the Town Records Management Program to ensure that public records are maintained in accordance with legal requirements
  • Indexing and filing of actions taken by the Town Council
  • Maintaining and updating the Municipal Code on a continuing basis
  • Maintaining Town of Moraga’s Catalog of Enterprise Systems 
  • Maintaining a wide variety of vital permanent Town records
  • Managing and conducting elections for the purpose of electing Town Council members at the appropriate times
  • Managing the retention and retrieval of official records and the maintenance of the Legislative History to ensure accessibility and continuity
  • Preparing and posting of agendas, managing Council packet production and distribution
  • Processing required legal notices for Town Council meetings, including public hearings, so that all interested parties have an opportunity to participate
  • Recording of all proceedings of Town Council meetings
  • Responding to requests for public record information; see the Public Records Act Requests page
  • Serving as the filing officer for Fair Political Practices regulations
  • Submitting measures to the electorate

About Town Newsletter

The Town Clerk also publishes the About Town Newsletter. You can either read this correspondence online or subscribe to receive it via email.