Town Council Protocols

The Town Council adopted Town Council Protocols to clarify the roles, responsibility and powers of the Town Council and individual Town Councilmembers.  The Protocols establish policies and procedures in the areas of: 

  1. Authority; 
  2. Role of the Town Council; 
  3. Council Officers; 
  4. Council Appointments; 
  5. Meetings; 
  6. Agenda; 
  7. Public Participation; 
  8. Public Hearings; 
  9. Additional Meeting Rules of Conduct; 
  10. Administrative Matters; 
  11. Failure to Observe Protocols; and
  12. Amendment or Suspension of these Protocols.

View the Town Council Protocols.

  1. Town Clerk

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    329 Rheem Boulevard
    Moraga, CA 94556