Town Council Elections


General municipal elections are held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even-numbered years (coinciding with the State General Election). Members of the Town Council are elected at-large and serve four-year terms, with two new members elected in one cycle and three new members elected in the other cycle.

2022 Election of Town Councilmembers

On November 8, 2022, Moraga voters will elect three Councilmembers. There are four qualified candidates: Kerry Hillis and Steve Woehleke who are running for the two four-year terms and Kendall Langan and David Shapiro who are running for the one two-year term. 

The Public Viewing Period to review the candidates’ nomination papers is now open.  Contact the Town Clerk at 925-888-7022 or Town Clerk for more information.

Eligibility & Candidacy

To be eligible to run for Town Council, you must be a registered voter of Moraga at the time nomination papers are issued.

Voter Registration

You can register to vote if:

  • You are at least 18 years old at the time of the election
  • You are a citizen of the United States
  • You are not deemed mentally incompetent by a court
  • You are not in prison or parole for the conviction of a felony

Re-registration is required if you have moved since you last registered, changed your name, or changed your political party affiliation. For more information, contact the Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters.