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All of our officers have both voicemail extensions and e-mail and are responsive to the community. Please be aware that due to shift schedules and days off, there may be a delay before they are able to check their messages and return calls or e-mails.

Chief Jon King 7049  
Lt. Brian South 7052  
Cpl. Angela Likos 7170  
Cpl. Russell Douthit 7162  
Cpl. Craig Walker 7164  
Ofc. Randy Pacheco 7167  
Ofc. Fabiola Hernandez 7166  
Ofc. Jeffrey Yanga 7168  
Ofc. Michael Dreyfuss 7163  
Ofc. William Davis 7165  
Ofc. John Odell 7161


Office Contact
We encourage your input and are happy to respond to any inquiries. This website is not constantly monitored for immediate or timely action to address your needs. If you need police response or a police report, please call our dispatch at 925-284-5010 and an officer will be dispatched to assist you.

For general information and inquiries, please contact the Moraga Police Department directly at or call the front desk at 925-888-7055.