Indian Valley

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The Indian Valley Project is a proposed 71-lot clustered housing development with associated open space, located on the north side of Canyon Road in Moraga. A Conceptual Development Plan (CDP) application has been submitted to the Town of Moraga Planning Department, illustrating 71 traditional single-family homes clustered within a semi-rural setting, along with approximately 1.5 miles of trails and utility, water quality, storm drainage and landscape improvements.

The Indian Valley project would involve the development of the residential lots, roads and utility systems within a 140.9-acre site, representing 31% of the total 452.6 contiguous acres owned by the Bruzzone Family within the Indian Valley area. All 71 clustered private lots, roadways, and utilities would be accommodated within 50.2 acres, or 36% of the overall project site. The Project also calls for limited improvements within an additional 2.3 acres of the Canyon Road public right-of-way adjoining the project site.

The proposed residential lots range in gross area from just over 10,000 square feet to almost 4.7 acres, with an average size of 24,234 square feet. All 71 lots are organized along a central spine roadway ("Indian Creek Way") within the central lower valley portion of the project site, where the average pre-development slope is less than 20%. The residential lots, site grading and related improvements are clustered within the 140.9-acre project site, which is situated east of the Indian Creek riparian corridor and below (to the west of) Indian Ridge.

It is anticipated that the common areas within the project site would be owned and managed by a homeowners association. Responsibility for slope maintenance immediately beyond the private lots would be assigned to a geological hazard abatement district (GHAD).

Impacts to habitat resources within the project site would be mitigated in accordance with state and federal resource agency standards. Compensatory habitat mitigation, including protection through recordation of an easement, may be provided on land owned by the Bruzzone Family directly adjoining the project site or an alternative offsite location.

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