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REC Club - School Year Childcare Program Application

  1. The Town of Moraga is proud to present Remote Learning, Enrichment, & Childcare (REC) Club. This program will assist families in need of care during a regular school day. Town staff will proctor distance learning for students, provide opportunities for enrichment activities, and supervise outdoor recreation all within small stable cohorts.
  2. REC Club will stay active during the distance learning and hybrid learning models. Participants in REC Club will receive priority registration for program extensions and changes in programming.
  3. The program is available for anyone in need of distance learning support. Completed applications will be reviewed and a staff member will contact you about spots available.
    If spaces in the program are not currently available, you will receive a waiting list position number. Applications received after the initial application period will be added to the waiting list on a first come, first serve basis. It is our hope to expand the number of program cohorts as we hire additional staff. Completion of this application does not guarantee a spot in a program.
  4. DISCLAIMER: REC Club is not designed for high-risk individuals, or those who have family members who are high-risk. Please consult your healthcare professional for family specific recommendations before enrolling in REC Club should there be any questions or concerns.
  5. Do both parents (or if single parent) work outside of the home?*
  6. Is at least one parent an essential worker as defined by the state of California? *
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