Do I need a permit to build a fence?

You generally do not need a building permit to construct fences of 6-feet or less in height on your property; however, you do need Zoning Administrator approval to build a fence higher than 3-feet in the front yard setback or exterior side yard setback on corner lots (Moraga Municipal Code (MMC) Section 8.68.040-A). The height of a fence is measured from the highest point of the fence to the lowest point of the finished grade below the fence.

  • Design Review Board approval is required for fences that are higher than 3-feet that are visible from a "scenic corridor" (MMC Section 8.132.040-A.3), which includes:
    • Camino Pablo
    • Canyon Road
    • Canyon Road
    • Moraga Road
    • Moraga Way
    • Rheem Boulevard
    • St. Mary’s Road
  • Fences between 6-feet and 7-feet 6-inches in height along interior side yard and rear yard property lines may be approved by the Design Review Board.
  • A variance is required for fences exceeding 7-feet 6-inches in height with review by the Planning Commission (MMC Section 8.68.040-B).
  • Fences that are higher than 6-feet require a building permit. The total height of a fence on top of a retaining wall shall not exceed 8-feet without Design Review Board approval (Design Guidelines ID11.2).

For more information, please refer to the Town of Moraga Design Guidelines document.

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